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Hooray for the return of sun-light evenings and spring! We are happy to announce the new format of our newsletter this month. It now has four sections; one for each type of service Nook & Cranny offers; cleaning, organizing, lifestyle assistance, and event planning. We know bringing balance comes in many forms and are here to help!

Clean Living

Scrubby SpongesHave you ever cleaned your dishes and smelled a hint of funky sponge or dishcloth? Not so pleasant! Keeping a regular habit of changing and washing your kitchen cloths and sponges supports a healthy home. Here are some tips to keep bacteria at bay.

According to WebMD (see the article here) sponges and dishcloths can both hold millions of bacteria and it can take as few as 10 to transfer an infection. That is cause for a little crank-up on the OCD dial! Kill sponge germs easily by microwaving it for 2 minutes. As a bonus, you can easily wipe away stuck on food in your freshly steamed microwave if you can't wait for N&C's next visit! This and machine washing dishcloths at least weekly will help keep those bacteria at bay. Another easy tip is to boil a pot of water, add a few drops of soap, turn off the heat and let your dishcloths/sponge sit in the water for about 10 minutes. It's surprising, to say the least, as to what rinses out! I often do this as I'm prepping food and feel oh so productive. For another variation, view this Pinterest link.

Organized Living

How is your bedroom closet really functioning? Is it doing less or more than its job? Is it a museum, housing clothing from decades past? Does it take a minute to find something? I read a post recently about a woman taking minutes to find workout socks. She was so frustrated, she didn't even want to workout afterward!

Stack of Clothes More than likely, it's time to weed some items out. I've heard of so many different ways to determine what to keep and what to get rid of but my favorite is Marie Kondo's "Does is spark joy?" Clothing is an expression of you so why keep or wear something you aren't happy in or that doesn't express who you are now? It really comes down to that. There are a ton of retail and on-line consignment stores so with patience and a little research you can bring in some money to ease that feeling of loss or guilt. If you change sizes again, it's almost certain new items will bring you more joy than what you currently have. Make sure to label and store any nostalgic pieces in a sealed container. Anyway, I wanted to post some pretty links to pretty closets in hopes that we can all have Pinterest-worthy closets! If it's too hard to make decisions or to begin then you know who to call. Sometimes it just takes momentum and even one session helps!
5 Steps to Organizing Your Closet  
How We Organized Our Small Bedroom Once And For All

There are countless charities that accept donations like used clothing and most everyone knows about Goodwill and Savers. If you want to do a little more research, have different types of items, or just have a truckload that you want someone to come pick up, than I have a few great sources for you. Enjoy!

Don't forget to track your charity donations! Here's a link to an easy one that you can print at home.


Stack of Flowers With sping and light and new life indulging our senses, it's a great time to bring spring flair to your home. It can be very simple like opening a few windows to picking up a potted plant or flower arrangement at the grocery store. Here are a few other ideas to spring-ify your home!

Tax day is soon, so soon! While Nook & Cranny can't help do you taxes, we can help you prepare. I'll even help you for next year right now. Ready? If you haven't, make a 2016 tax folder RIGHT NOW! If you receive electronic tax documents and don't print them out right away, then make a folder called 2016 taxes in your inbox, RIGHT NOW!
I'm a sucker for flow charts and found this one about standard verses itemized deductions actually fun to "read."
For a great checklist of items to bring to your accountant, I like this H&R Block list

May the force be with you this tax season and may you not need to file an extention!


Stack of BurgersPatio and back yard BBQ season is so close I can smell it! What do you enjoy doing outside around your home? Sit back and relax, garden, host get-togethers? Whatever it is, you can start airing things out and of course ask Nook & Cranny to help! With spring clean-up out of the way, you can sit back with a cold one (and you know, take a break during clean-up with one.)

Lists are an awesome way to stay focused but it's easy to get carried away with things you won't have time for. To stay motivated, create a short achievable list for the month. Here is an example for April:
• Rake the yard
• Fertilize grass
• Set up hoses/rain barrels
• Wash and set up lawn furniture
• Clean garage floor

Our pinterest pages are stocked with great ideas! Click here for a lawn specific list and here for a everything-you-could-ever have-time-for list. Pretty soon you will be ready to host backyard parties and can use tips like these!

Have a great month and as always, remember to call Nook & Cranny to come to the rescue!
Molly Rosa, Home Organizer
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