Heading into Pig's Eye Yard

Heading into Pig’s Eye Yard

Rainy overcast days are no fun in the city, but a grungy rail yard they are magical. I love the reflections and mismatched engines. Did you notice the signal workmen? They didn’t seem to care that I was there either. Stay tuned this week for more heavy equipment and disturbed vegetation.

Egret flying low over Lake of the Isles

Egret flying low over Lake of the Isles

I was out shooting in my neighborhood with Dusty & Lucky and we stalked this egret until he finally decided to move on. I was the closest to the shore, so when he took off and we all tracked him with our cameras on continuous fire, I ended up in their photos as the egret passed my way. We all decided to share our Egret photos today, so go check theirs out!