Spoonbridge and Cherry Ride out the Storm

After weeks of almost daily rain and a big storm in the wee hours of Friday morning that knocked out power all around the Metro Area, an incredibly violent storm rolled through the Twin Cities around 8pm Friday night. I was out visiting friends last night and it was quite the adventure driving through the city with street lights out all over, whole areas without power, trees across the roads and streets flooded with cars floating in them.
I woke up this morning to go check it out in the light, Lake of the Isles has trees blocking the Parkway, several streets in Uptown are closed and there are branches everywhere! I had to go see if the Spoonbridge still had it’s cherry; as you can see, Claes Oldenburg’s iconic sculpture is in tact, but the Sculpture Garden itself took quite a beating last night.

Thomas Lwry Statue

Thomas Lowry Statue

I love the odd lamp posts at the Thomas Lowry Park. I have no idea what is going on with the lion/gargoyle eating/regurgitating it’s one leg. Also, did you know, that this statue was not originally placed at Triangle Park? It was built where the Lowry Tunnel is now. They moved the statue when they built the tunnel. What bothers me is that they didn’t move it to the Thomas Lowry Park, which is actually closer. The Lowry neighborhood is perennially trying to raise funds to move Thomas from this tiny little sliver of land to the large park that actually bears his name.