Fireball How-to

Fireball How-to

Behind the scenes of the Dragon Ball photo shoot, you can see Preston and Nick assembling the elements of light. Preston (on the left) is igniting a flammable substance from a can (I know what it was, but in the interests of responsibility, I’m not telling you) and Nick is waving a cool blue light stick to create a ‘force field’ then posing for the strobe light. You can see what the image is supposed to look like by checking out the photos taken by 2 dozen + other photographers that were there (on the far side of the action).

Heading into Pig's Eye Yard

Heading into Pig’s Eye Yard

Rainy overcast days are no fun in the city, but a grungy rail yard they are magical. I love the reflections and mismatched engines. Did you notice the signal workmen? They didn’t seem to care that I was there either. Stay tuned this week for more heavy equipment and disturbed vegetation.