Graffiti Boxcar Twin Cities & Western

The Twin Cities and Western engines quietly pull their freight through the woods along the Kenilworth Trail in Minneapolis. This is the site of the proposed Southwest Light Rail train. It’s a beautiful trail that is used by commuters and recreational bikers, including me. One of the great perks of living in an otherwise crowded Uptown.

Heading into Pig's Eye Yard

Heading into Pig’s Eye Yard

Rainy overcast days are no fun in the city, but a grungy rail yard they are magical. I love the reflections and mismatched engines. Did you notice the signal workmen? They didn’t seem to care that I was there either. Stay tuned this week for more heavy equipment and disturbed vegetation.

Late Summer Graffiti

Late Summer Graffiti

I spent some quality time in the Pigs Eye rail yard. The overcast skies are great for color, though there are very few shadows, the color is more saturated, even on a grungy mess like this.

C&NW Graffiti

C&NW Graffiti

Epic Graffiti

I just love all the free art that rolls through my hood. One benefit of the ‘Rails to Trails’ program that nobody considers is that instead of having murals that never change, bike trails next to freight tracks offer free traveling art shows!

Graffiti-strewn Wall, Editied for Content

Graffiti-strewn Wall, Editied for Content

I wanted to post this image earlier, but one of the graffiti words was slightly objectionable, so after a little photoshopping, this image is now ready for prime-time. Can you figure out what I changed?

Industrial Graffiti - Logos

Industrial Graffiti – Logos

Industrial Graffiti - Countenance

Industrial Graffiti – Countenance

Somewhat Disappointed

Somewhat Disappointed

Maybe the police will be, but I’m not.

Surgery A - Keep Closed

Surgery A – Keep Closed

I was out with Dusty at this amazing abandoned grain elevator called the Basset Creek Mill. Check out his alternative crop of this same door.