View up the Greenway from Uptown

View of the Greenway from Uptown

Looking east from above Uptown, you can see almost every avenue in Minneapolis from Hennepin to Minnehaha has it’s very own bridge that goes over the Greenway. It’s a very unique trail to check out, next time you are in Uptown, take a look or bring your bike and check it out. You can bike all the way to the Mississippi River on the Greenway trail. You’ll enjoy it!

Father Louis Hennepin Bridge

Father Louis Hennepin Bridge

The third bride at this location, the Father Louis Hennepin Bridge was completed in 1990 and spans the Mississippi River. Louis Hennepin was the 17th-century explorer who was the first European to discover the Saint Anthony Falls a short distance downriver. The first bridge at this location opened on January 23, 1855 and is believed to have been the first permanent span across the Mississippi at any point.

Minneahaha Falls #1

Minnehaha Falls #1

It’s forbidden fruit week on Mitchster! I’ve avoided the obvious Minneapolis photos, but in my quest to document the consequences of the heavy rainfall we have been enjoying, I went to the Grand and Glorious Minnehaha Falls. So here is the first image, a long exposure, hand-held by yours truly, ‘the human tripod.’ One of the skills I am most proud of, the ability to completely stop moving for up to a couple seconds. Weird I know, but it comes in handy. Yes, there is significant post-processing going on here, but with shooting the falls, I can’t just post a plain photo… enjoy!

Poor Lost Studebaker

Poor Lost Studebaker

This was a fun image to process, the weathering of the car was so interesting that I had to go B&W and crank up the contrast to show all the texture. What I like about shooting digital and converting to B&W is that you can adjust each color’s luminosity and saturation thereby changing what shows, for example, I adjusted the red (rust) to go black and the blue of the car to go white.

I found this little guy in the lot of a small repair shop along I94 while helping my friend Crystal pick up her new (to her) Ranger. I didn’t notice until I was processing the image that the truck in the background says ‘Daggett’ — my friend Doug Daggett is running for congress.

Heading into Pig's Eye Yard

Heading into Pig’s Eye Yard

Rainy overcast days are no fun in the city, but a grungy rail yard they are magical. I love the reflections and mismatched engines. Did you notice the signal workmen? They didn’t seem to care that I was there either. Stay tuned this week for more heavy equipment and disturbed vegetation.