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Now it’s time to get some traffic

The vast majority of web traffic is driven by the major commercial search engines. These being Google, Yahoo and MSN. Google attracts approximately 65% of worldwide searches at 40 billion, with Yahoo (9 billion) and Microsoft (2.5 billion).

Positioning your site with these search engines is a critical part of marketing, when you hire me to build your site, I construct the site in a manner that Google prefers using CSS and adhering to web standards. So right out of the box, the site I build for you has great potential to rank well on Google. I will get the basics in place, but if you need to compete for page rank, then there are many additional options I provide to to that.

How does one know the right way to go about SEO? Well, Google publishes a guide on it. What they basically tell you is to make a site that a person would want to read. This means taking time to talk about your business in a clear manner that uses the words people might be searching for. If you sell widgets, use the word and with other words that relate to it like ‘organic widgets’ or ‘Minneapolis widgets’. How many words are on the page, what percentage are keywords and the placement of the keywords is where the devil lies. This is where SEO specific consulting begins.

A Flash website with animated menus might be fun for you, but it’s invisible to Google. Some will tell you Google can see it, but that’s not true. The way they make it work is to essentially build two websites, the Flash one and a real one. When the site gets updated, often the real site that Google reads gets ignored. Needless to say, I’m not a fan of flash.

SEO techniques are unique to each project, there are many tools I have available, so let’s meet and I can come up with a plan based on your business and budget.

Meta Tags
Help Google, Yahoo, Bing, and the other engines to understand your site. Every page should have meta tags in the code that tell engines about that page:

  • Keywords Words that people would use to find your site, like “fingerstyle guitar” or “Minneapolis Artist”.
  • Description When Google returns results, there is a short sentence description of the site. You can write that and put it in the code.
  • Title The title of the page is important and how it’s phrased matters. Look at the titles of this site and notice that they are like an outline, only backwards: SEO | Web Design | Mitch Rossow Design, Inc.

When writing your site, think about each page and choose the keywords accordingly. Each page has it’s own set of tags that can and should be different.

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