Responsive Web Design

Providing Responsive Web Design using WordPress, Social Media integration and Email Newsletters.

I’ve been doing this for a while and really like what I do. Web technology is constantly changing, but it’s still about providing information and making personal connections. I am continuously researching and refining my skills based on the needs of my clients. I don’t jump at something just because it’s new, I have a nose for ferreting out good and bad trends; I never liked Mobile-only sites and never sold them. In the long run, they died away and I found a better solution Responsive Design. All the sites I build now are ‘Responsive” meaning that they change to fit on whatever device the visitor is using. You can see this demonstrated by resizing the window of this site, it changes to look good and be readable no matter what the width of the browser. This removes the need for a ‘mobile version’ of your site.

This becomes increasingly important with the need to keep your site current and changing. Having a separate Mobile Site complicates life with maintaining 2 sites. Google and customers like sites that change and offer new information. And now Google is punishing sites that are not mobile friendly, so Responsive Websites are a practical necessity.

I fabricate sites on the WordPress framework, this allows you to easily update your site and provide news or have a blog integrated on your site and then automatically share that content on Facebook and Twitter or any other social media.

With the proliferation of technologies, making connections with your clients has many channels; from Facebook & Twitter to email newsletters and a website, the options and decisions become daunting. I can help you not only to create and use these tools, but figure out the right combinations to be most cost effective and successful.

It’s more than just technology, design is at the core of communications. I grew up working in my parents’ print shop in Kenosha, Wisconsin. I was setting type on a ‘Strip Printer’ in third grade. I really liked fitting the letters together nicely and didn’t find out until college that I was ‘Kerning’ Type. So much of classic print & design is ingrained in me that I it has become intuitive.

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