There’s more to my photography than the Mitchster Daily Photoblog! I provide a wide range of photography for my clients, from product photography to event photography, but my main focus has been oil painting photography.  Ever since Joe Paquet asked me to photograph his paintings, I have been studying the art & science of capturing the perfect image of an oil painting. My years of studying landscape painting helps me to see what affect the artist is capturing and how best to see the color relationships in the piece. The main challenge is accurate reproduction through a series of techniques that I have developed. For more on this, please visit the Oil Painting Photography page.

My years of wandering the streets of Minneapolis in search of images to share on the photoblog have given me an eye for composing in the complexities of the urban landscape. This skill translates into event photography, especially political events like parades, press conferences and media events. You can see some examples of my work for Cam Winton who ran for Mayor of Minneapolis in 2014.

Almost all the photos in the blog are available for stock photography

What’s going on Here?

You know the old saying ‘The cobbler’s kid has no shoes?’ I have been putting off redesigning my website for years. Literally years. was built almost 5 years ago and I haven’t changed it since.

Yes, that site is 5 years old and it looks like a modern site. I’m always looking far ahead and keeping up with the latest technology. When I build a site for you, it’s with the latest proven technology, so it should serve you well for years to come.

After much reflection, I have decided to move all the content from the old site to here. Eventually I will eliminate and embrace the moniker ‘Mitchster’. So yes, there is stuff going on here that doesn’t make sense and no, I would never do this to a client. But I’m tired of putting it off. Building a site properly and secretly before launching it is just not happening, so I’m gonna just do it to a live and running website.

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