Twin Cities Photo Blogs

Many photo blogs have come and gone, but a few remain. The roll of the photo blog seems to be changing as people seem to be spending their leisure time scrolling the news feed on Facebook. Years ago, City Daily Photo was a fantastic resource for finding other photo bloggers in the Twin Cities as well as anywhere around the world. Unfortunately, due to a series of hacker attacks in 2012, the voluntarily-built site was too far damaged and was lost to the graveyard of the internet. Below is a feed of the local Photoblogs that I know of as well as a list. If you know of any new local photo blogs, please contact me!

Latest Photos from the Twin Cities

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Twin Cities Photoblogs

North Metro Photo – Dusty Lens

A good friend will bail you out and a great friend will be in the cell right next to you – Dusty’s a great friend.

Thousand Word Photography – Dan Jay

Philospoher king, fellow Nikonian and bad influence.

Twin City Photos – Snapshutter or Schnapsi

A globetrotter with an sharp eye for urban tableaus and high tech pilgrimages.

St. Paul, MN Photos – Teresa Boardman

Teresa is a realtor and a photographer, who processes her images to give them sharp colors and detail with impressive results. Check out the valves section!

This is Courtney

Courtney not only shoots the city, she goes where you’re not supposed to.

Twin Cities Minnesota Daily Photo – Steve C

Steve focuses on Saint Paul and the Mississippi and goes to a lot of the events for shots.

Minneapolis St. Paul Photo Goto

Nice big photos of the city with great composition.

Visual St. Paul – Kate

Lots of Candid People photos with great stories.

My Life in a Flash

Gustavus student & photographer with a fun take on reality.

Ravsitar’s Travels

Matt is the famous Ravsitar, release pixie for Chris Marquardt’s Photo Podcast.