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A photo outpost on the edge of the great western prairie, Minneapolis Daily Photoblog records life in the beautiful rugged northern land of Minnesota. Minneapolis is a bustling metropolis with beautiful greenspaces, rivers and truly epic winters. This unique city was created by the railroad and lumber barons in the wild frontier leaving lots of awesomely rusty hulks and quiet wooded corridors to photograph.

Carin in the Woods
The Bridge to Cedar Lake in Winter
Downy Woodpecker
Bob Davis as Howard Hughs
Napping Great Horned Owl
great horned owl fledgleling
Winter Respit
Down by the River
Winter Roots
River Walk Reflections
Snow on the River
Quiet River Bend
King Boreas Returns
Renaissance Infrared with Puffy Clouds
Infrared Renaissance Festival
Joust at the Renfest
City Hawk
Over The Mississippi
Sculpted Flight in Uptown
Uptown Theater Nocturn
Land Shark
Submarine on Interstate 35W
Finding Nemo Car in the Woods
Plane Crash
Petticoat Junction
Coffee Break in Half
The Blue Earth Giant
Spike Cairn
Locomotive Lifter
North Cedar Lake Regional Trail
View up the Greenway from Uptown
Bike Trail Wildflowers
Minneapolis Light Rail Green Line Route
Ducklings & Momma
Lake Calhoun Bike Tunnel Flooded
Recycled Flooding