Spring has Returned

Spring has Returned

The Apple blossoms around Lake of the Isles in Uptown burst fourth, bringing a sweet aroma and a heart-stirring pink color to our formerly gray world.

After a long and productive break, I am returning to the blog. The combination of lots of design work and the sheer exhaustion of a long and gray spring lead to the downfall of Mitchster. But alas! I have returned!

Roller Girl at the Saint Patrick's Parade

Roller Girl at the Saint Patrick’s Parade

She was handing out little flyers for the Roller Girls when I took this pic. I chose this one because I’m oddly fascinated by her forlorn expression. Hint to the Roller Girls, next time hand out free tickets to an event. I saw your little flyers all around on the ground after the parade, but not one of the Irish Festival tickets that were given out during the parade.