Minneapolis Daily Photoblog

A photo outpost on the edge of the great western prairie, Minneapolis Daily Photoblog records life in the beautiful rugged northern land of Minnesota. Minneapolis is a bustling metropolis with beautiful greenspaces, rivers and truly epic winters. This unique city was created by the railroad and lumber barons in the wild frontier leaving lots of awesomely rusty hulks and quiet wooded corridors to photograph.

Bob Davis as Howard Hughs

Bob Davis as Howard Hughes

My client Bob Davis, podcaster and former radio co-host on Davis & Emmer has recently acquired a new (to him) vehicle, the “Mobile Podcast Command” is an ambulance that is now all decked out and painted. The day he took ownership of it, before it was painted, Bob and I went to measure the beast for the exterior graphics. Bob had the brilliant idea of posing as Howard Hughes on the command deck of the MPC! Learn more about the website I created for him here.

Winter Roots

Winter Roots

Roots laid bare by the spring runoff. Yes, those are my footprints; they make a lovely compositional element to establish the flat plain of the shoreline. Not often I get to establish a line in a photo — something I miss from landscape oil painting. Not much else though.

This is part of a series that I took along the Mississippi River during the beginnings of a snowstorm. The first post is King Boreas Returns.