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Back to the Source

The last day has arrived for the TFTTF Workshop (explained below Oct. 11). The assignment was: Go find the object from the first assignment and take another picture using the things we leaned in class. So back to my little Fire Plug I went. This time I used the dark wet ground as a background. […]

Fake Solution

Welcome to Day Three of the TFTTF Workshop (explained below Oct. 11). We went on an excursion to Historic Fort Snelling. The assignment was: Find something fake at Fort Snelling and use a predetermined focal length – I chose 28mm. I went to see the doctor and found on his shelf this little bottle hiding […]

What’s Yellow Isn’t

Welcome to Day Two of the TFTTF Workshop (explained below Oct. 11). This was for the assignment: Silhouette without using the Rule of Thirds. I struggled for a while to find something to silhouette on this typical gray rainy day. I eventually saw this dandelion and went to work on it. I found the McDonald’s […]

First day of the TFTTF Workshop in Minneapolis

This innocent fire hydrant spends it’s days guarding the Chanhassen Rec Center, but on this day is starred in my first assignment for the Tips From the Top Floor Workshop. TFTTF is a podcast produced by Christoper Marquart of Tubingham, Southern Germany. I started listening to Chris years ago when Podcasting was in it’s infancy. […]