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Coffee Break in Half

Where and when in the Time-Space continuum did Caribou ever have signs like this? I found this in the the strangest place in Minnesota. Stay tuned for some really odd pictures…

The Blue Earth Giant

I decided to venture out into the countryside away from the bright lights of the big city. Where would I go? No question, off to Blue Earth to see the Jolly Green Giant! When they completed the transcontinental railroad, they drove a golden spike to celebrate the joining of the two lines. But in the […]

Spike Cairn

I found this awesome public art piece along the Kenilworth Bike Trail. Not sure if I can call it a Cairn, but Railroad Spike Jenga doesn’t really sound right. What’s a Cairn? I wrote a big article about cairns a while ago that strangely gets a lot of traffic, like always second to the home […]

Locomotive Lifter

Remember a few weeks ago when I posted the sadly derailed train car along the North Cedar Lake Regional trail? I am happy to report that all is well, the car is back on the tracks and this is one of the cool machines they used to put it back where it belongs. I was […]

View of the Greenway from Uptown

Looking east from above Uptown, you can see almost every avenue in Minneapolis from Hennepin to Minnehaha has it’s very own bridge that goes over the Greenway. It’s a very unique trail to check out, next time you are in Uptown, take a look or bring your bike and check it out. You can bike […]

Wildflowers Love the Rain

I love this time of year and these are a few of my favorite wildflowers. I took this photo along the North Cedar Lake Regional Trail, that’s the bike trail that runs parallel to I-394. Do you know what any of these flowers are? I’d love to know, please tell me in the comments below. […]

Bob Davis Podcast #174

My client Bob Davis has released podcast 174 on the specialized Podcast website I designed for him. Be sure to check it out: Bob Davis Podcast # 174 Summary: Updating the top stories. It’s all about immigration as President Obama tries to change the subject, from the economy to immigration. As the crisis on the […]

Minneapolis Light Rail Green Line Route

This is the bike trail, known as the Kenilworth corridor, that is playing a featured role in the current debate over the Green Line Light Rail expansion. The most recent decision is to not tunnel under this path, but to run a noisy commuter train with overhead wires down this peaceful, quiet bike corridor in the […]