Pre-Eclipse Moon

Last night was the fourth in a tetrad of lunar eclipses. It was also a super, blood and harvest moon. I love all the misinformed and confused explanations out there about it. So here’s the cheat sheet edition:
Lunar Eclipse: The earth’s shadow passes over the moon.
Tetrad: Four Total Lunar Eclipses in two years.
Super Moon: The moon is on the close side of it’s elliptical path, slightly closer, slightly bigger.
Blood Moon: Religious term, means total eclipse not partial, or a series of total eclipses with no partials in between.
Harvest Moon: Full moon at harvest time.

This is the first lunar eclipse that I have photographed with my Newest 36 Megapixel Nikon. I used my 600mm catadioptric lens with a 2x teleconverter so I had 24x magnification with a highly croppable image. Here’s my favorite of the moon before the eclipse began, so this is the super harvest moon version.

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