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Mitch and the One Way

I was out trying my catadioptric lens on the new camera tonight after I realized that with the higher ISO sensitivity, I might be able to operate the monstrosity in low light and get better results. I have a better image to showcase the experiments with the ‘Cheerio Shooter’, but this photo seemed more appropriate for today. Today is the day that I am launching the new design of Mitchster! After several weeks of manually replacing all 1200+ photos, it is finally done! Watch as great things come, the goal up to today was to successfully replace the site, now I will build out all the new features!
What’s so cool about this photo? It’s the stop sign across the street from my home and it was only after processing the photo did I discover that the graffiti appears to be my name. Not sure what the ‘CNS’ means. Hones, I didn’t do it. And What the heck is going on with the ‘WAY’? It seems to be poorly painted on. Maybe the ‘One Love‘ tagger hit it and this is what it looks like after the city cleans it off, mostly.

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    • Mitchster
      Mitchster says:

      Courtney – Thanks for the info, I’ll have to go out looking for more of these, I had no idea my name was in the Tag Game. Any suggestions for new places?


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