The Glorious Engine

The Glorious Engine

Yesterday I ventured out with my buddy Dusty to explore the yards of the Minnesota Commercial Railroad. We stopped in the office to pick up our permission form and went exploring. You’ll see a lot of railroad photos on my site, please keep in mind, I am a professional, do not attempt this at home! All kidding aside, seek permission where you can and be careful. Trains cannot stop. You hear all kinds of analogies about how heavy they are, but here’s the numbers for an average train: 3 locomotives at 420,000 lbs each with 75 cars at 260,000 lbs each = 20,760,000 lbs or 10,380 tons. That’s heavier than than the WWII Cruiser USS Springfield; a 610ft blue-water warship with 56 guns. And… Navy Warships go much slower than the average train, so that whole force=mass x acceleration thingy means it’s going to hurt even more.

  • Rob

    This turned out great! A fun day of shooting trains. Carefully, mind you. Interesting to compare perspectives and processing styles.

  • It never occurred to me that a railroad might give you permission to wander about the yard. We’ve got lots of trains, too, and I should shoot more. There are enough tracks by city streets to give me material.

    I like your composition and framing. You could imaging rolling off the track in the nick of time.