Luminary Pyramid from the Luminary Loppet

Luminary Pyramid from the Luminary Loppet

The Loppet this year was the busiest I’ve ever seen. The luminary sculptures are fascinating points of interest for the wandering crowds. For one night a year, the rather quiet lake is the busiest tourist attraction in town. I love that you can see all the people on their phones either taking pix or tweeting or something. This was shot by the PoleCam!

  • Is this another PoleCam (TM) shot? Amazing you were able to get it still enough for this shot in this light.

    A great capture.

  • Erin O’

    Even a furry, four legged friend was enjoying the festivities. Dogs don’t respond to the “whistle” anymore. Most have gone tech. No such thing as the ‘twilight bark’ these days!