Luminary Loppet Ice Henge From Above

Luminary Loppet Ice Henge From Above

A ‘Loppet’ is a cross-country ski race. Nobody knows that, but it’s a nice short word and fits on a sign nicely. The ‘Luminary Loppet’ is an event in Minneapolis on Lake of the Isles in the evening, it started out as a track lit by ‘luminaries’ which are blocks of ice with candles in them. Then a group of ingenious people started building sculptures of ice and putting candles in them. This is the ‘Ice Henge’ which is the newest sculpture this year. Look closely, you can see me in the shot!

  • Rob

    Awesome perspective! An impressive self portrait.

  • POLE CAM (TM) !!!!!!!!

  • Erin O’

    PoleCam, Welcome Back!!!