• http://tungelstadailyphoto.blogspot.com/ Steffe

    Read all about in tomorrows paper!

  • http://northmetrophoto.com/ Rob

    The domino effect

  • http://www.365xn.info Christian

    Ha! Love the visual comedy in this scene. That’s something the southern states can’t appreciate.

  • http://www.yorkshiredailyphoto.com Paul

    I love this. Here in Yorkshire this winter we have had more snow than perhaps in 20 years and everything just about ground to a halt for a few days. But meanwhile in MN snow is normal and from my outsiders observation life just carries on as normal. Although it looks like getting a copy of the Star Tribune or the Pioneer Press might be tricky!

  • admin

    Paul –
    It slowed us down for a few hours, but for the most part, we just go on as usual. Of all the natural disasters in the world, I prefer snow; you can just ignore it and watch tv if you want.
    – Mitch