Synthetic Baseball Fans

Synthetic Baseball Fans

The Minnesota Twins are now playing outside at the new Target Field. This billboard just appeared recently on the edge of their property. It’s visible from Interstate 394, but only from the back, so today while I was out biking I managed to get a good look at it from the front. It’s right at the entrance to the Cedar Corridor Bike Trail downtown, across from Lee’s Liquor (see below).


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  1. nathalie in avignon
    nathalie in avignon says:

    That sign rocks! One of the best I’ve seen so far.

    It took me a whole lot of looking at it to realise they weren’t real spectators!

    (obvious from the larger view, but I didn’t get that far down till later)

    Great post!

  2. bluemoonpaul
    bluemoonpaul says:

    Great sign, great choice, Mitch. Can’t wait to get out to Target Field. Having grown up in Chicago, I’m used to outdoor baseball, and am super-glad we now have it here in MN!

  3. Ben
    Ben says:

    This is fantastic. I love it. Because of that target mark, I thought people to throw a baseball at them… But obviously not…


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