Beehive Fireplace, Lilac Park

Beehive Fireplace, Lilac Park

A few years ago I walked down to the sad little stone construction I noticed on my way to and from work. It was some form of fireplace, sadly left in the middle of a dangerous cloverleaf along highway 100 at 7. Recently this relic, which I’ve found out to be a Beehive Fireplace, has found a new home and has been lovingly restored. It’s been moved a short distance to a new park called Lilac Park, just off the Midtown Greenway Bike Trail at Highway 100.


There’s trail access, a handicap accessible bathroom and a few of the original picnic tables from when Hwy 100 was Lilac Way. It was constructed as a parkway and was the largest WPA project in the state. The Golden Valley Garden Club planted Lilacs along the parkway. Also, I just discovered the Nordic Ware tower right next to the park was “the first circular concrete grain elevator in the United States, and possibly in the world.”

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  • Rob

    I remember the beehive BBQ (as we called it) heading north on HWY 100. I could not understand why this structure was there along side the highway with no place to pull over and park. It was never used. Glad it is now moved to a proper new location.

  • Erin O’

    It’s accommodates three separate gatherings all at once, and is lovely to look at also! I’m delighted it has been restored for its function and beauty.