Gathering on the Ice

Gathering on the Ice

The fun effect of a long exposure is that only the things that don’t move get caught. There were hundreds of skiers shuffling past and under the bridge, but the little gathering held still for me. Also, you can see Matt and Dusty taking flash photos on the right. What are they shooting? Check out tomorrow’s post to see the view. Oh, by the way, yes, I did ask Matt where his tripod was.

  • Beautiful shot Mitch. How did you decide to go with the golden tone? It was a beautiful sky that night too, wasn’t it? Nice way to capture that as a part of the shot.

  • Wow Dude…. amazing… awesome… incredible color.

  • Dad

    How long an exposure did You use?

  • The color of this shot is a result of my shooting it using Daylight settings. In other words, the red color is the actual color of the light from the candles and the ambient light of all the sodium-vapor lights in the city. The two previous photos were color-corrected to make the candle light white, so this is one is actually the natural color. Oh, exposure, it was a 30-second shot.

  • Don & Krise

    Fantastic shot. Especially the sky.