Saturday Moment of Zen on Ice

Saturday Moment of Zen on Ice

On one of my safaris across the lake I encountered this pair just sitting in the middle of the lake. Not fishing, just sitting. Nothing going on, no kite boarders, nothing really at all. I switched to my long lens to drag the shoreline in and moved to position the sun to catch the glint of the ice.

Just as I was ready to shoot, the one got up to take a picture of the other. The spectators themselves became the spectacle and they knew it too.

In the instant of the open shutter, when I’m actually working and intentionally doing nothing at the same time; the true photographic moment of zen, I called all three of us into question.

  • Robyn

    That actually looks like fun. Just go sit out on a lake in lawn chairs and talk the day away. You can get a whole new perspective of the surrounding area from the middle of the lake.

  • well these two have discovered that my father in Finland discovered when ice fishing: you can get a tropical sun tan on your face as you get the sun and the reflection from the ice. Great observation!

  • Maybe they are pretencing that it is summer, and they are on the beach…

  • pretending! Typo time.