Kid's Choir at Crystal Court, IDS

Kid’s Choir at Crystal Court, IDS

While out on a photo safari with Dan & Dusty, we found a children’s choir singing Christmas songs in the middle of Crystal Court. This seemed like a fun time to show the full range of lenses from the 11mm wide-angle above, to the 300mm with Dan’s 1.4 teleconverter below. I didn’t bring my 500mm, seemed excessive for a skyway tour.

I really like the close-up photo of the kids, in the wide shot, they all look the same, dressed in white shirts and black pants. But in the close-up they all look so different, even their white shirts don’t match. Pretty cool how we can all work together but yet be such unique individuals. Have you seen the movie “Up”? Doesn’t the little red-head in the bottom-right look like the young Elle?

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