Starburst Express

Starburst Express

Remember the part about me and Dusty getting detained by the police? This is kinda where we were. That’s the new Northstar Commuter station on the left, below the new Target Field Stadium, oh, and that’s a BNSF freight train bearing down on us. One of four that came through in a short time. I guess the joy of playing by the tracks in the open fields encourages bad behavior in the city. Seriously, don’t be like me.

If you do decide to do what I do not what I say, keep moving, so the transit police don’t have time to track your sorry butt down. My favorite part of this photo, aside from the starbursts, is the refection on the wet rail ties.

  • schnapsi

    I see a need for an upside down polecam.

  • Don & Krise

    You bunch of thrill seekers you! There’s no place you won’t go to bring us the good shot is there?

  • This photo really depicts the feel o f that day as well. Rainy, cold, cloudy…… It’s not just the awesome picture of the train and the immediate surrounding that makes it…. but rather the entire set of elements.
    In a way, I’m sorry I missed this part…..