Grain Belt Beer Sign Details

Grain Belt Beer Sign Details

Remember the sign from yesterday? That was a 28mm shot, this one is 500mm — a little more detailed. Speaking of details, I took this shot while walking around the river area with my fellow blogger Dusty Lens. He’s posted another photo of this Minneapolis Icon and filled in a few details about it’s future. Turns out, you can buy this baby, ’cause she’s up for sale! The heirs of the William Eastman family are looking for a buyer willing restore the neon lights.

Not sure why Grain Belt isn’t jumping at the opportunity with a “save the sign” campaign; raffling off riverboat rides and getting tons of free publicity. I know a few photobloggers who would help for the cost of beer. Maybe one of the local tech schools could do it and build an promotional campaign around it — how cool would a video mix of the lit sign, inspirational stories and students working glass be? A couple old-timers watching on with a teary eyes… Anyhow, here’s some actual journalism about it: Historic Grain Belt Beer sign up for sale | Minnesota Public Radio NewsQ.

  • Rob

    Great minds think alike. Darn you and your 200mm increase! Off to support the cause with a G.B. Premium.

  • Don & Krise

    Both of you did an outstanding job. Did you discuss splitting the cost of the sign over a beer or two?

  • Daniel Minteer

    Wow, great shot! I love it! You deserve the highest bidder. Seriously someone has to buy it.