Sneaking Around the Capitol at Night

Sneaking Around the Capitol at Night

I went to the Minnesota State Capitol with my friend M Saturday for Shadows and Spirits of the State Capitol — a tour of the Capitol building at night, lead by actors telling the history of the building set in the year 1905. Part of the event was that they turned the lights down to “1905 levels” meaning that I shot the whole time at between a third and a twentieth of a second. Hold still! This image was taken with a 10.5mm fish-eye I rented for the weekend.

  • Don & Krise

    This is so cool. I would love it if they did the same thing here. Hopefully you’ll be showing us more from your visit.

  • I got get me one of them fisheyes! Hehe, just kidding. Do they have any more tours like that in the works?

  • Very cool and dramatic! Did you see and ghosts?