First Snowfall of the Season

First Snowfall of the Season

October 12th — that’s pretty early for the first snow fall, must be that global warming thing I keep hearing about. Actually up here on the Northern edge of the Great Western Prairie, snow can hit at weird times, the natives still rumble about the snow on Halloween 1992, when it snowed 21 inches. This little 3-inch snowfall was fun, it was gone by the afternoon, but was awesomely good snowball snow. Good thing nobody I knew crossed my path while I was out walking, they would have gotten hit. Biff!

  • Richard

    Actually, Halloween 1991 and it was 31 inches. Still have the frostbite from that one…

  • Holy crap! That is kinda early. I will usually go for an early morning photo shoot when the first snow comes. Luckily it hast happened yet.

  • Wow, that was early…..
    Still no snow in Stavanger, but many other places have already got some.
    nice shot, AND a nice and interesting blog!:-)