St. Anthony Bridge LED Detail

St. Anthony Bridge LED Detail

See the blue LED lights? That’s why the bridge is blue. Good to know eh? I think to appreciate this bridge, you need to get down under it and look up. The view of the city from the road is so impressive that the designers lowered the railings and minimized all structures on top. Many famous bridges flaunt their structure above the deck: the Golden Gate, the Brooklyn, the Sydney Harbour etc. But the St. Anthony Falls keeps her beauty out of site, deferring your eyes to the city she supports. How Minnesotan is that?

When you stand under this bridge, bathed in the cool blue light, you notice that she makes no sound as the traffic goes overhead, that there are no cables or decorative bits, just massive solidness all around. This bridge makes one clear statement: I will never fail you; never.

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  1. Don & Krise
    Don & Krise says:

    It’s clear some real thought went into this one. It sure is beautiful. It sounds like it’s a structural masterpiece as well.

  2. Alex
    Alex says:

    Beautiful! I especially like the contrast of the blue with the orange cast of the streetlights (and in the next day’s picture). I like your homage to the LEDs. I’ve been appreciating (and melting) light-emitting diodes since 1982, back when it was uncool. 😉

  3. Mitchster
    Mitchster says:

    Alex –
    Not before it was cool, but back when it was uncool. Good distinction.
    I found one of those 200-in-one electronic its where you can make a radio or other things by hooking wires together on the big board with springs on it. A tenant left it behind. I had one from Radio Shack when I was a tyke.
    – Mitchster


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