• http://pasttime Birdman

    Interesting pictures. I enjoy taking a look at your site. Lots of different things for the eyes.

  • Nikki Beaumont

    Hey, Mitch! Have you heard of inukshuk? I think that is an Inuit word for “a human likeness”. Ever since I read about them I have been building them and photographing them at different locations. Lots of fun! – I’m so glad that you found those stacked stones, took a photo of them and shared it with us. Makes me want to get out there and build some in unlikely places and leave them for others to find!

  • http://ocaladailyphoto.blogspot.com Jacob

    Beautiful photo! Even though it left me feeling a bit rocky!

    Some people need to take up photography.

  • judy

    Love the stones, but the colors on the island in the background are beautiful. Looks like it was early AM?

  • http://www.mitchster.com Mitchster

    Nikki -
    Thanks for the new info on the inukshuk! I looked it up on Wikipedia and there’s a lot there. Now I need to build one of those!
    - Mitch

  • http://www.mitchster.com Mitchster

    Yes, it was early AM, very early AM.
    Thanks Mom!
    - M