Who's the Minneapolis Cairn Builder?

Who’s the Minneapolis Cairn Builder?

Imagine my surprise walking around Lake of the Isles to find not one, but seven cairns on the shore. These are nice ones too, much nicer than my stumbling, awkward attempts. This took some time to build.

These are not far from the big one I found a few weeks ago in Cedar Lake.

More information about Cairns, or Stacked Stones.

  • Interesting pictures. I enjoy taking a look at your site. Lots of different things for the eyes.

  • Nikki Beaumont

    Hey, Mitch! Have you heard of inukshuk? I think that is an Inuit word for “a human likeness”. Ever since I read about them I have been building them and photographing them at different locations. Lots of fun! – I’m so glad that you found those stacked stones, took a photo of them and shared it with us. Makes me want to get out there and build some in unlikely places and leave them for others to find!

  • Beautiful photo! Even though it left me feeling a bit rocky!


    Some people need to take up photography.

  • judy

    Love the stones, but the colors on the island in the background are beautiful. Looks like it was early AM?

  • Nikki –
    Thanks for the new info on the inukshuk! I looked it up on Wikipedia and there’s a lot there. Now I need to build one of those!
    – Mitch

  • Yes, it was early AM, very early AM.
    Thanks Mom!
    – M