Two Ducklings Under a Landmark

Two Ducklings Under a Landmark

These little guys live with their family under a famous landmark, can you guess where?

  • Nice, sharp photo. Great job!

  • amanda

    Is it the Spoon Bridge and Cherry? I’ve seen cute ducklings living in that pond before. 🙂

  • Mitch, I really enjoy your work, especially your gorgeous low light/night shots. I stumbled across your blog, as I search for inspiration for an upcoming trip to the twin cities and all points north. I would love to know where that trainyard was, and if you have any other recommendations for rustic photography within the cities. Thanks for sharing your work – it’s great!

  • Very cute little duck things. I can’t think of a famous landmark in Minneapolis. Oh, yeah, Mall of America. Or Hubert’s grave. No? Ah, Loring Park! That must be it!

  • mweinhandl

    The stone arch bridge I guess.

  • Under the Spoonbridge maybe?
    Very cute picture.