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  1. Jacob
    Jacob says:

    You do do a good job with B & W. Where is this boardwalk? On the river?

    I graduated from Minnehaha Academy back in the Dark Ages, and the school was pretty much on the river. Of course, I can’t remember much that far back!

  2. Virginia
    Virginia says:

    You guys get Cabin Fever really bad up there don’t you??? Once you can get out, you do some might foolish things, like this place! I just read about you sliding down the hill, how the heck is your CAMERA???

  3. Mitchster
    Mitchster says:

    Virginia –
    Thank goodness I didn’t have my camera with me on that one. I tend to take less chances when I have the camera. Maybe I should carry the camera more, eh?
    – Mitch


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