It's Safer if You Ride in the Street

It’s Safer if You Ride in the Street

The snow gently settles in, finding a good seat to watch the traffic parade by on such a quiet night in Uptown.

Backstory on this series: On February 26th, Minneapolis had seven inches of snow drop in a couple of hours. I ventured out in the evening with one lens: a 50mm f1/1.4 — ISO 320, wide open at f1/1.4 between 1/20 & 1/80 sec. With all the variables removed, I was free to explore all the compositional opportunities of shooting hand-held in the dark during a snowstorm.

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  1. Virginia
    Virginia says:

    I have an inexpensive 50mm and LOVE IT!!! I almost never use anything else. Love the ability to get more low light shots with it. For macro, I’ve had some trouble with the focus but Dusty Lens helped me some with that. Great snow shots.


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