Photographers take over St. Paul Como Conservatory

Photographers take over St. Paul Como Conservatory

The Camera and Artist Event at Marjorie McNeely Conservatory, St. Paul Minnesota – every few months the Conservatory opens early on Sunday and allows photographers to bring their tripods in. I felt so out of place, I decided to leave the tripod at home and just enjoy my time there. It was such a sunny morning, the tripod seemed unnecessary. If I wanted to use a tight aperture I could have brought the tripod, but if you are familiar with my style, you’ll notice I really enjoy the shallow DOF of a big lens.

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  • Hilda

    Nice! I like that you decided to shoot the shooters ;D

  • teresa boardman

    You must have been right behind me. I got the same shot but from closer to the statue. Nice shot, I love that place. :)