Merry Christmas from Minnesota

Merry Christmas from Minnesota

To me Christmas just isn’t Christmas without A Charlie Brown Christmas. Charles Schultz’s hometown is St. Paul, Minnesota and a few years ago peanuts characters started popping up all around the city. Here in Rice park, under the glow of the Christmas lights, Marcy and Peppermint Patty chill out and enjoy the holidays.

Merry Christmas everyone,
– Mitch

  • Kate

    Fun to see as a winter scene. What! No F.Scott photo, tho!? Whenever I pass I say “hello” to him and give him a hug or pat on his lovely face…literally, t’is true and my husband will confirm as he slowly moves away from me. May your holiday be happy and full of joy for you and your family and friends. Cheers for 2009!

  • Jilly

    How did I miss Charlie Brown yesterday?! Wonderful. Great Christmas Day post. Hope your day was a great one.