The Blue Spruce Christmas Tree in Rice Park

The Blue Spruce Christmas Tree in Rice Park

This 90-foot tall, 27-foot wide, 98-year-old Blue Spruce is the third annual Rice Park Holiday Tree. Decorated with 30,000 LED lights, it stands majestically over the famous Rice Park, home of the Ice Carving Sculptures during the Winter Carnival and MSNBC during the RNC convention.

I braved the cold and went out taking pictures around midnight with my friend Dave. It was -12F when I was shooting and Dave was very kind to tag along. He even offered to stay in my Jeep so I could leave it running with the heat on. He missed out on the fun, but seemed perfectly happy in the Jeep.

  • Love the colors, Mitch! Thanks for braving the frigid temps for our benefit.

  • Was out there last Thursday evening. Couldn’t figure out how to get the whole tree in the picture without making everything else look small, but see now you don’t need to for a good photo. BTW, what did you think of the shape of the tree? One of the passersby told me they call it the ‘Banana’ at the office 🙂

  • What a beautiful scene. Love the colour on the snow. I wonder if that is real or Photoshopped? Happy Christmas, Mitch.