Christmas Fence & Assorted Characters

Christmas Fence & Assorted Characters

The Festive Fence of Franklin Avenue.

  • justroamingthecities

    Love the fence shot. Its so hard to capture lights as beautifully as our eyes see them at night. But I like this one, simple is good.
    And this blue tree…I must go see it! Some shots it looks like its so huge its leaning and may fall over 🙂

  • It is not only leaning, it’s Banana shaped to boot! Gotta see for yourself.

    Our tree started out crooked in our stand, and wife had fully decorated it that way (while I was at work). I just couldn’t have that. With my oldest saying ‘it IS crooked!’ and my wife telling me ‘it’s fine, you better not knock it over’, I got on my belly and cranked the screws until it met my engineering standards of perpendicularity relative to the floor.