Christmas Lights Minneapolis

Christmas Lights Minneapolis

I found this Christmas light-laden house in the Kenwood neighborhood of Minneapolis. Most of the bigger houses have just a few flourishes of lights, but this one really caught my eye.

See the little Christmas bear in the front yard? He’s riding a sleigh and is set on a fountain.

I shot this last picture of the Christmas bear and Christmas lights with my new f/1.4 lens at 1.4 and 1/50 second hand-held while laying on the ground. I wanted to use the shallow depth of field to get the lights out of focus on both sides of him. Not sure if it really works, but laying on the ground in the snow puts a definate time limit on a composition.

We’ve got a blizzard moving in this morning with 6 inches expected. Hopefully I’ll get out and bring home some new photos for y’all.

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  1. Hilda
    Hilda says:

    My hat off to you for your dedication. I’m freezing at 18C (64F) here — no way I’ll lie down on snow! ;D

    That house will catch anyone’s eye! Love the red lights on the snow-covered bush in the top photo — makes it look like poinsettias.

    Thanks for the wonderful, magical photos! Stay safe and stay warm.

  2. Mitchster
    Mitchster says:

    Hilda –
    Thanks! Actually it’s really warm right now, it’s 19F (-7C). Last Monday when I went out in the morning it was -11F (-24C). Temperatures like that are quite dangerous, you really have to keep moving and the digital camera won’t work at all.
    – Mitch

  3. bluemoonpaul
    bluemoonpaul says:

    Wow, Mitch, thanks! You’re not letting me down. This display is gorgeous. They did a tasteful job even while using many colors, and they’ve carried the symmetrical design of the house through to their decorations. But as well as they did, I have a feeling your photo makes it even better. Plus, I don’t have to go out or lay in the snow.
    More, please!


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