Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights

I was out looking for Christmas lights Sunday night for the blog and decided to head North for a while. I’ve been busy with work and with all the holiday stress, a nice drive in the country sounded relaxing. I got a ways out of town, not really sure how far. I left the highway for narrow farm roads. Though I had never been that way before, I felt drawn in that direction.
Soon after passing an abandoned gas station, I saw a flicker of lights on the horizon. I was sure they weren’t Christmas lights, they seemed bluish-green and seemed to be moving across the trees in the distance. As I approached them, I pulled over and dug out my camera. They were hard to focus on, the auto focus kept slipping, so I switched to manual. Still not able to get it to work, I changed to a longer lens. Once I had the lens on I looked up and was startled to see the light approaching across the field toward me. I immediately aimed my camera at them, but just as I did, my camera shut off and wouldn’t come back on. I panicked and tried to start my Jeep, but it too would not work.
The lights pointed at my car and all around me lit up like daylight. It was at that very moment that I felt an overwhelming calmness mixed with déjà vu. They were so brilliantly blue and calm. I wanted to fall asleep and run at the same time.
It’s now 4 am on Friday morning and I have no idea how I got home. I’m sitting at my desk, but I have no recollection of how I got here and what happened since Sunday night. I only have vague impressions of… Well, of not wanting to go outside.
It’s as if I woke up one morning and it was 11 degrees below zero out and I had six clients breathing down my neck and no time to work on my blog. Sorry folks, I never meant to take so much time off from the daily blog. I let the shocking trauma of a cold snap in Minnesota keep me hiding inside working. I finally broke free and headed out last night shooting. This odd little snowman bathed in blue light inspired me to new heights of yarn-spinnin’ & leg-pullin’.
I’m back on track with pictures of lights until Christmas. I let the fervor of the holidays get to me. Just have to remember to keep my stick on the ice and my eyes on the sky.

  • Gretchen D

    How cool.

  • babooshka

    That’s a really spooky image,