Northstar Roller Girls

Northstar Roller Girls

Endless entertainment abounds in the big city. Saturday night I went to see the Northstar Girls Roller Derby. This is Pippi Van Whalen, Number 84. Lots of photo opportunities, they skate at the Convention Center in Minneapolis and you can stand right up against the track to take pics. It’s a fun atmosphere, it’s got that Rocky Horror Picture Show / local bowling alley feel. Fun for the whole family. I’m definitely going back with a brighter lens and a flash. The low light was hard to work with.

  • Family fun, yes. Wholesome, on so many levels. Nice action shot, Mitch.

  • I love this shot. the blurred background and the figure in focus. I’ve read how to do this but haven’t yet tried. It’s a good lesson.

  • Jilly –
    It’s a slow shutter speed and I’m following her with the camera, it’s a skill that takes a lot of practice. You can try it with cars at dusk.
    – mitch

  • Oh, you’re joking!