Red October

Red October

Fall is creeping down from the North Shore, bringing with it color and cold.

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  1. bluemoonpaul
    bluemoonpaul says:

    Nice! Is this with your new lens? If so, perhaps I judged it too harshly at first. There’s an almost painterly quality here. Nice composition, color and contrast in both foreground and background. Thanks to the subject, this is a cool organic variation on you famous “angles” shots, creating some very interesting shapes throughout. Sweet! I’m making it my desktop pic today.

  2. Mitchster
    Mitchster says:

    Yes, this is with the new lens. The post-processing is what makes this photo work. The 600mm mirror lens has an extremely shallow Depth of Field, so I can create this painterly effect. I guess the trick with this lens is to use it on cloudy days when there’s no glare that causes the ‘cheerio effect’. Thanks for the compliments, so rare the comment with constructive criticism.
    – Mitch

  3. nathalie
    nathalie says:

    I really like it too, and agree with the painterly quality to it. There’s something about photographing just a few leaves that says more than photographing the full tree.

  4. just roaming the cities
    just roaming the cities says:

    Love it. Has a truly soft quality to it. Relaxing autumn.
    Go listen to Dusty’s music while you look at it. Soothing 🙂


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