Blue Crow at a Distance

Blue Crow at a Distance

Remember the 500mm Mirror Lens I had back in May? In spite of the horrid bokeh, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I broke down and found another one on ebay. After months of researching mirror lenses I settled in on the Sigma 600mm. This one is bigger, and on a DSLR it has an effective power of 18x. What led me to this one was the thought that what mattered was the size of the objective lens (the exposed glass on the front of the lens) which on the Sigma 600mm is 95mm.

Anyhow, the stupid doughnut machine is back. It’s so much fun to use, it’s like the best binoculars that takes pictures and doesn’t weigh a ton. The trick is to find things with plain backgrounds.

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  1. bluemoonpaul
    bluemoonpaul says:

    Sounds like a cool lens, and you obviously put plenty of time in researching it, but this lens, too, is a bust. The texture on the crow is interesting, but undercut completely by the cheerio effect in the background. I’d like to see the crow on a white or solid background. Photoshop, anyone?

    Just get a pair of good binoculars.

  2. just roaming the cities
    just roaming the cities says:

    How far away are you from the crow in this one?
    The backround is slightly distracting, I have to agree with bluemoonpaul. But what’dya do? I still like the fact that it zooms so well!


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