Early Morning Duck Adventures

Early Morning Duck Adventures

This is Eloise. Eloise spends her mornings on Cedar Lake, but after the ducklings have gone to school, she joins her girlfriends to go dabbling on Minnehaha Creek. She’s not interested in popular entertainment or the latest fashions, but mention one of her ducklings and she’ll quack your ear off (she’s got a stack of photos of them in her pocketbook).

This particular morning Eloise was heading out to the PDA (parent duckling assn). Since she was planning on taking a stand against the geese hanging out on in the schoolyard, she was all dressed up and ready for the spotlight. To get over the jitters of the expected media, she had me take some candid photos before she left the lake.

“Normally we just ignore the Geese”, said Eloise, “sure they sleep in the park and honk at all hours, we’ve come to accept that over the years.” The problem started earlier this year with the unexpected closing of the pool hall down the street. “They used to wake up early and just leave”, she said, “But now they stumble out of the park around noon — someone is giving them hard cider.” The biggest problem is that they hang out in the duckling schoolyard and hiss at the kids. “My little joey is having nightmares”, she said.

Though rumors abound, including the hint that someone has called the Minneapolis Food Shelf, hopefully cooler heads will prevail.

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