St. Paul RNC Convention Photos

St. Paul RNC Convention Photos

That’s OK, I didn’t want to go that way anyhow. Really.

Here’s a photomontage of my adventures Thursday Night in Downtown St. Paul during the Republican Convention. The oddest thing about the experience was that despite the apparent tension expressed in the photos, everyone was really calm and civil. It was just a few agitators that made it a problem. The cops were really cool about everything and not antagonistic at all. I was joined by Snapshutter and Slinger. Check out their sites, they have some great photos and Slinger has a full account of our day, so I don’t have to repeat it. Thanks guys, I had a great time! My only regret at the end of the day was that we didn’t go back to check out the protesters one more time before we left. Now I’m glad we didn’t the police got sick of them at around nine. They were driven into the Sears parking lot and arrested. I didn’t get and photos of that, but I did get to sleep in my own bed.

Key kids, stay in the museum, reality is just too interesting right now.

Which one of these guys should we Taze? Should I take a poll?

Note the riot cops on the left.

A Snow Plow in the summer. Huh. I wonder what else you can get off a bridge besides snow with one of these?

I wonder where this guy stands on the issues…

I don’t think he was born in the US, maybe he should try the Senate.

During the speech, Chris Matthews takes a break for dinner.

In spite of all the crazies, out-of-town trouble-makers and the invasion of the National Spotlight, St. Paul is still a beautiful place. Maybe we should invite all of them back in February for the Winter Carnival and show them how we have fun?

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  1. Strangetastes
    Strangetastes says:

    Mitch – this is very good photojournalism and the sequence tells a broad story. Nice work. The guy with the hammer and sickle shirt, Drew Carey glasses and the perfect haircut is priceless. I’m glad they didn’t choose us as the medium sized city to pick on. I’d have had to leave town.

    Sorry no comments in so long – new dimensions in overwork plus some travel.

  2. Carol E.
    Carol E. says:

    I avoided all of this as much as possible. Nice to see your pictures so I get an idea of what I missed. I mostly had a hassle trying to get around to do my job and finding a parking spot.


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