In the early morning light, I found a European Starling perched upon a fence above me. No, that’s not a misplaced modifier, the fence was above me, it’s part of a pedestrian bridge over the railroad and city dumping ground just north of 394 by Dunwoody.

The height of summer is past, the sun now rises later and later. I’m writing this morning from the seat of power in Caribou Coffee. I’m test-driving my winter schedule: arriving at Caribou as they open, waiting at the door like a tomcat back from a night of yowling at the moon.

In the winter the sun can wait ’til eight before rearing it’s shiny head. This kind of oppressive environment, like the Soviet Union of yore, can inspire an over-caffeinated mind to great heights. So as winter approaches, though photography opportunities diminish, my writing should hopefully pick up the slack.

I found an amazing cartoon that fits my humor and it spectacularly drawn; Kisaloo. It’s best to start from the beginning, so follow this link to the first cartoon. Thanks to my friend Paul for letting me know about it.

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  1. Virginia
    Virginia says:

    Ha, your writing is already superb. Can it improve with winter’s arrival???? I am still doing (geriatric) acrobatics trying to figure out what the long shiny thing is in your photo today. I thought the whole photo was sideways and it was a parking meter. What the….?
    PS I see you like James Lileks. He makes me howl, therefore I will test drive your cartoon recommendation.

  2. Snapshutter
    Snapshutter says:

    Sadly yes the outdoor photo ops will shrink, unless of course you don’t mind a chance of frost bite. Warm summer evenings out and about, refreshing mornings on the deck, soon to be something we’re looking forward to again. Our relatively short season of warm weather makes us appreciate it so much more though, doesn’t it?


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