Infrared Zen Bike

Infrared Zen Bike

OK, OK, I’ll give the infrared a rest. But since today in my “Moment of Zen” day, where I try to stop your thoughts with an odd image, it fit. Here’s my TerraTrike. It’s a recumbent trike, loads of fun and a joy to ride. The best part is that I can haul my big camera around in the saddle bag and use it as a table when I am setting up my gear. Plus it’s funner-n-ell in the winter; I go looking for ice patches to slide on.

This is Fort Snelling State Park just south of the MSP airport in the Minnesota river valley.

  • You are truly a “free spirit”!! The bike certainly would attract lots of attention.

  • Rob

    I’ve seen recumbants on the trails. And I’ve seen 3 wheelers with 2 wheels in the back. But never have I seen one of these babies, cool! Love the IR work. My Canon S5 Is should be able to acomplish this wit the proper filter. So, now I’m thinking IR ffilter for the point and shoot, circular polarizer for the DSLR, or both? I think your IR series made up my mind.