Don't Ever Stop - Cell Phone Sunday

Don’t Ever Stop – Cell Phone Sunday

The True Meaning of Cell Phone Sunday

My friend Dave pointed out that my skills as a photographer may appear to be the result of my good equipment, so I should get a cheap camera and prove otherwise. I suggested my cell phone camera, because it has a simple 640×480 camera and I always have it with me. “Perfect” Dave said, ”now do it.”
Simple rules: only uncropped, images directly from my cell phone. I do some post processing to sharpen up the image. The “camera” on the phone only has a “capture” button, so, at heart, it’s really a composition challenge. See past Cell Phone Sunday Photos.

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  1. Lynette
    Lynette says:

    First thought–tell Dave to do whatever he’s really, really good at with low-end equipment and see how it turns out.

    Second thought–tell Dave photographers see all sorts of sights in a much different, more aware way than folks who don’t take pictures.

    Third thought–tell Dave thanks for giving me the opportunity to rag on him.

    Fourth thought–you’re some kind of great photographer, whatever the equipment.

    Fifth thought–browsing your blog repeatedly is like going to school!


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