Infrared Greenway Bike Trail in Minneapolis

Infrared Greenway Bike Trail in Minneapolis

Here’s yesterday’s location, only in infrared. I keep forgetting that I can do this. I waited all winter for the bright green foliage of summer so that I could take my infrared camera out.

As you can see from these two photos, the foliage reflects infrared light so they appear as crystal white masses. The sky goes black and the clouds go white. There are special cameras for taking infrared, but a lot of point-and-shoots can do it. I’m using a Sony F828 for this. If your P&S has a “night mode”, then it probably does a decent job of infrared. The easy way to test it is to point your TV remote at the camera lens and push a button. If you see a light coming from the remote on the screen, your camera see IR. Then you need a filter. Light colors are measured in wavelengths and the filters are numbered accordingly, 720nm, 820nm and 1000nm are the common ones. The first two do a good job, the 1000nm is hard to work with, with so little light, you need a tripod.

If y’all like these, I’ll take some more…

  • Virginia

    It’s one of those “eerie, but I like it” shots! Interesting info about infrared. I was clueless.

  • Virgina –
    Thanks for the comment, it is an odd look, but I like it.
    – Mitch

  • Beautiful! I love infrared. More more more!

  • Yes, more please. You’ve had these on the blog before with instructions but I never got around to trying this. Since I recently got a Canon G9 (great little camera) that has a night mode, I have to go do it. However, when you talk about filters, just what do you mean for a point-and-shoot?

  • Rob

    I’d like to see more of this. I really enjoy this different “B&W” look. In fact, I’m toying with this idea myself.

    I’ve done little research…(meaning not extensive) and have found that an R72 IR filter mounted on a particular lens of my DSLR will do the job. The filter isn’t cheap, but then, neither is this hobby. Apparantly, not all DSLR lenses are able to be used for IR photography, there’s a chart online somewhere about this.

    I’m not too interested in carrying another camera body around for IR work.

  • Wow! Ok, I’ll get going on this and share asap!
    – Mitch

  • Yes I’d love to see more of those too. I’ve tried some IR shots myself with limited success, and had issues with what’s known as a ‘hot spot’. Would like to try again with my L-series wide angle but the filter will probably cost a good chunk. Have some links on IR issues in one of my blog’s comments section (

  • mo

    Cool photo Mitch.